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Anton Kubikov – When Is Deep Remixed (AE Recordings Iceland)

Anton Kubikov – When Is Deep Remixed (AE Recordings Iceland)

Overview: Moscow producer Anton Kubikov is considered one of the most important and influential producers from their homeland. Best known for being part of Scsi-9 among other names, he has released on some of the best dub techno labels of the last 20 years. Last year Anton submitted a song to Æ Recordings for a compilation titled 'Deeper Wrestling' and it was so well received that other producers wished to remix it. That track title was 'When Is Deep' and here are the remixes collected on one special release. Idealist, Dot, Ben Buitendijk and Thor & Octal Industries all come together for one showcase of talent. Æ Recordings jam packs this release with quality versions of this compilation highlight.

The Music:

a1: Swedish producer Idealist begins the remix party with a version that is very much honed into the addictive simplicity of the original. Chords and a rhythmic beat working off each other until you are completely mesmerized losing track of time or space. The combination of anticipation and being subdued is really the great thing about the track for me. The most like the original sounding on this record. It is very balanced on deepness yet simple and most effective. It feels simple but the little details really add up to a lasting impression.

a2: Ben Buitendijk slow churning dub techno rendition is particularly sick. The deep aquatic bass notes groove to chords swirling overhead while the accents flow techier as the track moves on. How can something under 100bpm's be this banging? Just a really tough groove that will open eyes and ears. I could see this being able to be played at +4 or +6 if you want to increase the tempo for a DJ set. It will still work great at faster speeds too. One of the highlights of this remix EP for me. When Is Deep? I'm going to say right here.

b1: Israeli artist Dot remix starts up the B-side with a flighty tech affair. A constant feeling of flight and airy effects shine through a bubbling bass pattern to great success. Every sound seems to have a feeling of movement to it adding to the brisk flow of the song. This version adds a bit of highly processed sci-fi vocals that really work well in the track. Auditory hallucination material here. Talk about something to take your dancefloor to another planet. This is it.

b2: Lastly, Thor & Octal Industries Remix add their own magic to a version to complete the affair. Here you have more dub techno goodness and one that balances out the other remixes for the full arsenal of options. This track means business and is the late-night pick of all the remixes. The last few minutes are my favorite part of the track is it strips back the chords and gets a bit more granular with the tech elements. The beat is tough and almost has a jackin' element to it that will surely get people up to dance. Tech masterpiece.

Synapse: Æ Recordings has continued to release top-quality techno since it's return to the scene just a few years ago. This is no exception. The part I find most successful about this record is how different and unique each remix is to each other to make this album versatile. Every track is good and every techno fan will very much enjoy 2 if not 3 and possibly all four as I have. Each track is that solid on their own and there is really something for every techno fan here. Æ Recordings is a label you can count on for some of the classiest techno in the scene.

Rating 82/100 - review by Tim Humphrey aka TIM aka errorsinspace The Details: Artist: Anton Kubikov Title: When Is Deep Remixed Label: Æ Recordings Format: Vinyl / Digital Catalog #: AE11LTD Released: 9/21/2020