Brad P - Plantlife EP (Inner Shift Music)

Brad P - Plantlife EP (Inner Shift Music)

Reflection by Roger Versey for Timeline Music

Brad P's latest, Plantlife EP, showcases 4 pure Deep House delights sure to be future classics for the essential nights….

Inner Shift Music continues to keep premium quality on the menu with their co founder and a true maestro of pure House on their latest vinyl dish - Brad P 'Plantlife' EP; 4 premier league tracks that paint a classic scene of Deep House in soulful tones for a vegetative world of pure flavors and moods. Each vision found within is the right choice for taking the late night or daytime island grooves to high altitudes.Here is more on the reflection from these proper selections:

A1) Expansion

'Expansion' is an energetic vision of House that takes us from thriving green planets to Cosmic Jazzy worlds in its free flow of chords and red tones. Instantly this track will make the deep house connoisseur who prefers the organic flavor with electronic feel right at home, while it's got sharp percussion and clean hats that put a modern shine on the track. The bass in the backbone of it all remains strong, with heavy kickdrums and crisp snare hits pacing the rhythm perfectly along.

The senses will really be pleased by the moody soul expressed in the keys; they really take over at clever points reminding you of cool club joints where selectors play both Jazz and House. 'Expansion' is deep sunlight for the photosynthesis and the fans of timeless grooving and dance.

A2) Star Traveller

'Star Traveller' is Choice House for grownups; pour this classic drink of a track into your cup and experience the flavor of soulful dubby chords, permeating synths, and breezy nighttime pads for a nocturnal island getaway. The bassline has a smooth funk not to be understated in any way, while Obesity is healthy here as heavy kickdrums, and suave conga percussion lead to bodies having deep motion discussions.

The synth solos in this track are bliss, bringing visions of indigo stars in the skylines as they seduce and unwind. Indeed 'Star Traveller' has a perfect atmosphere, with a great use of space to make the picture even more clear. Vibes are soulful and organic for the Plantlife and people on the planets, yet cosmic, and lush; for both personal or DJs who play House, this one is an absolute must.

B1) Machine Logic

'Machine Logic' opens side B with a fine blend of personality. The moody Acid bassline takes on warm properties, subtle in texture here, yet very present for the grooving sensitivity. Nocturnal vibed pads and chords ooze with mystique, and create an atmosphere that truly keeps the listen deep. Meanwhile, the track does a great job of building anticipation with old school Chicago flavor in the kickdrum arrangement that peaks later with classy clap layers.

Dramatic, introspective, and engaging is the overall aura feel, demonstrating that at night, plants don't sit still... 'Machine Logic's mighty kicks thump with a healthy confidence and give it a high level of dance appeal.

B2) Sun Garden

A timeless journey awaits on this excellent EP in the rich, deep soil of 'Sun Garden'. It has all the nutrients for healthy vegetation; the chord melodies exhale oxygen that is romantic, dreamy, hypnotic , with golden flutes at times adding a touch of the tropical exotic. Fine 808 layers serenade the kickdrums in this track for the raw punchy sound, as deep conga percussion, sensual melodies, and a dominant bassline spread plenty of dreamy auras around.

'Sun Garden' is pure plant elegance, a place where life and music thrive in the lively vibes of Deep House imagination, complete with atmospheres of a sure classic presence in a blissful saturation- a beautiful House track for bodies and minds, that will stand a long test of time.

Final Insights:

Brad P's 'Plant Life' EP is absolutely essential, with all 4 tracks going in for the win. It's hard to choose a favorite; it can play through cohesively while each has its own personality, strong in mood and charming intensity. Both sides of the vinyl give you some of the finest cosmic to lush island vibes with the smoothest of deep house drum rhythms that flow like the tides. There is so much for a pure class House collector to love about this EP, from the artwork to the stunning production and arrangement by Brad P. He and Rai Scott's Inner Shift Music continues pushing the quality into high gears, with both the recent .Mahal EP and Brad P's latest 'Plant Life' being among the best pure House EPs this year; a must add quality selection to your premium House collection that will not grow old, but rather each listen the journey becomes more bold.