Forthcoming on Common Dreams Brad Peterson presents Ancient Trees vs Skyscrapers – Cyclical Forces of Nature and Man.

Brad Peterson aka Brad P is originally from Louisville, U.S. and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. Brad has a musical background, he plays the flute and keyboards, and has a passion for 60’s and 70’s jazz. DJ wise he is eclectic, groove, feeling and reading the crowd are paramount, his sets span the years and genres, a proper music al journey.

A similar approach along with his experience as a musician go into his productions. Over the years he has released on may labels such as Moods and Grooves, Inner Shift Music, Minuendo, Yore, Hotmix, AMR, Contrast Wax, and Monochromatic to name a few. He has released as his full name, Brad P and Trackmachine. He is also one half of 2DeepSoul with Rai Scott, together they run the record label Inner Shift Music.

Anyone that samples Terrence Mckenna is alright in my book! There is also an excellent Ewan Jansen track, Bulkhead, that I still play regularly now from this label. A back catalogue well worth diving into.

Common Dreams the label appeared in 2014, it has had six releases to date and every single one is worth owning. The artists that have released so far are a veritable who’s who of top-notch electronic music producers – John Shima, Reedale Rise, Miles Atmospheric, Rob Belleville, Dan Piu and the man himself Brad P.

The A side, Reality is Rising. This starts with a solid, powerful kick, and emotive chord stabs. Percussion, hats, rides, pads, and melody weave together throughout. Headphones on and eyes shut, I feel like I am travelling through the ancient trees and skyscrapers of the title, the beat keeping me on track.

A2 Quan Synth. This is right up my street. Heavy kick on a broken beat, a pulsating, undulating synth bass breathing in and out around the beat. Atmospheric pads and synth lines effortlessly float in and around the anchor of the beat. Absolutely flawlessly programmed breakdown, with a faultless understated drop and perfect progression throughout the tune. Simply stunning track.

The B side starts with Empty Streets. This starts with sporadic stabs, next comes the four/four kick, then analogue subtle acid sounding synth line, then the hats, claps and snares give some groove. Next you can hear his expertise on the keyboards as he plays the pads in and around the core of the track, echoing hauntingly around the beat. As I sit here listening in my headphones, I imagine this track echoing around the empty streets of the title on some long-forgotten sound system in this strange dystopian future as suggested by the title of this EP.

B2, the last track, Infinite. A hopeful sounding synth line repeats itself, a four to the floor kick responds, a deep bass folds around the kicks, bright metallic stabs filter in and out and up and down. Again, we have the mix of the base of the track, the man made, the electronic, the sky scrapers the glue the coherence, the we have the organic, the natural, the ancient trees, communicating in their language around the structure.

Brilliant release, soulful, emotive, groove laden, hypnotic, driving, intelligent. Common Dreams / Brad P have added another top-quality release to the label.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever