Casey Tucker-Deep Soul Calm EP
(Fourier Transform)

Casey Tucker-Deep Soul Calm EP (Fourier Transform)

Forthcoming on brand new label Fourier Transform! Casey Tucker presents the Deep Soul Calm EP!

Casey Tuckers foray into the world of electronic music spans more than three decades. After falling in love with acid house he started producing. His vinyl debut came in 1990 with fellow city band Shades of Rhythm recording under the name Frenzied Bass on a limited-edition release called the Fenland Bass EP. In ’91 he was signed to Hawtin’s Plus 8 records where he released several singles under the names 0733 and VFT/ Variable Frequency Technician – these releases are well worth checking out. In ’95 he set up his own label – Fine Balance records, and more recently on labels For Those That Knoe and Love Notes NYC. Casey Tucker is one of those producers that beautifully rides that line between house and techno.

Fourier Transform is a new vinyl and digital label set up by JC, Wil Russell and Jon Mace focusing on the electronica in the deeper realms of house and techno. They have many years’ experience between them in DJing, production, label management, and distribution. FYI - In mathematics, a Fourier transform is a mathematical transform that decomposes a function (often a function of time, or a signal) into its constituent frequencies, such as the expression of a musical chord in terms of the volumes and frequencies of its constituent notes. So, there you go! You learn something new every day…

On to the music, the A side kicks off with the title track Deep Soul Calm. Atmospheric stabs and chords set the mood, hats and snare build and a solid four/four kicks in. Acidic synth lines weave their way into your ear and then a bouncy bassline comes from nowhere. Pads build, the acid line filters in and out. You can definitely hear the influence of Detroit but there is an almost soulful (in an electronic way) sound of house within this track.

The B side starts with a driving four to the floor kick, hats give instant energy, a bassline darts up and down around the beat, a melody chases the bassline around, dubbed out stabs and pads add feeling. This builds, the energy doesn’t drop, an acid line rolls over everything, this is driving, hypnotic and deep. Top quality housey techno.

The last track of the EP finishes with a remix from Fourier Transform label co-owner Wil Russell. Dreamy pads come from the ether, hats and claps give some rhythm, a clear four/four kick comes in and then simply divine bassline comes in. Pads, keys, melody, emotion ride the relentless hypnotic drive of the bassline and mechanical percussion. High pitched siren like stabs echo around your head and the track. This is a worthy remix and a damn good track in its own right.

Fourier Transform are officially a label to watch – their second release from G-Prod is amazing too. Casey Tucker is on his usual top form consistent quality control, and Wil Russell shows what talents the label themselves have in their arsenal. Amazing release guys.