Dan Piu - Let's Come Together EP (Euphoric State)

Dan Piu - Let's Come Together EP (Euphoric State)

Review: Roger Versey - Timeline Music UK

OPIA sublabel Euphoric State is here serve a healthy 5 track plate, as Dan Piu's quality and quantity continues with a classy EP, produced on analogue gear spanning the future and the yesteryears….

Established in 2020, and managed by Tam Fallan & Jorge Escribano; Euphoric State is the promising sub-label from the excellent underground vision OPIA Records; they have put out a great catalogue of moody to vivid Techno bliss, and should be on your essentials list.

For 002 of Euphoric State they bring in Switzerland's Dan Piu for trips to the past and the future with a first class production view. "Let's Come Together" EP contains 5 gem tracks all created between 1994 and 2020.

A1) Bleepy At 5 A.M.(Original Instrumental Version)

Clever Garage, Acid House, and Bleep are a good reason to not sleep in the early to late hours; with the opening composition Bleepy At 5 A.M., your soul and body can feel that power. Peaking energy levels are created with playful 3D Bleeps and a clean Acid bassline that perfectly intertwine. Meanwhile chopped and modulated vocal samples add that classic DJ feel and those Golden Age mixing lines to the engaging time. Chord melodies have a jazzy Soul with a charming early 90s House playfulness, while bridge peaks of melodramatic strings bring the buildup and anticipation to the scene. All this over kickdrums that are so funky and pure 90s, timeless fun.Disregard the time on the clock, it's Bleepy At 5 A.M. and time to jam like you don't give a damn.

A2) El Viento De La Noche *1994

The ambience of the cool nights are captured in this Jazzy House delight with early 90s ways- 'El Viento De La Noche'. Strings arrive like the wind with confidence to submerge you in the deep elegance, complimented with an oozing soul bassline; just a few of the vibes in this track that is timeless like fine wine. The experience cruises gracefully, with atmosphere in which you can get lost, especially in the colors of the lead melodies of the scene that command your groove like a Boss.

Raw 808 kickdrum rhythms floating in classic Dreamy House style entice the ears with their smooth profile; rimshots, low toms, and crisp hats and sharp claps are all on the layering dials. All this fun is Complimented with a climatic flute section that will drive the Jazz heads wild.

El Viento De La Noche is some of the smoothest, dreamy House you'll hear, no matter what year. A classy composition with plenty of flavor from the very moment you drop the needle in position.

B1) Angry Giant Machine

Angry Giant Machine opens up side B with a very memorable bassline that is groovy and mean. Perhaps angry at the shallowness of today's superficial scene, this track takes it out on the machines, creating atmospheres and layered garage style kickdrums with plenty of dream.

The leads are very funky, while fine acid saturated basslines, and the Chord melody deliver a highly vivid flow, dreamy, freeing up the mind for the proper places it needs to go. Further ear stimulating vocal samples and chops are mixed in well with fun synth tweaks and modulations for an atmosphere that truly eclipses a machine-like earth below.

'Angry Giant Machine'; an engaging track that creates a mean combination of Acid Garage Funk and Watery Vibe Dreams.

B2) Mimic Human

The machines keep winning the emotion as this EP keeps spinning strong with Mimic Human. Experience some of the finer human artifacts like the deep piano keys in this track; they are sensual but also work well in this occasion to attack, for when it comes to the melody groove, they never let up their slack. In ways they certainly speak sunset vibes all day. Complimenting this melody finely are soulful city night strings, and emerald textured bleeps that add colorful street lights to the classic scene.The kickdrums are beefy with fine textured clap layers creating a nice hollow chop to the drums that rides so cool and nonstop; Lively Hats and cymbal attacks alternate as you groove and imaginate.

Indeed, this track, Mimic Human is meant for Deep hours of late or early sunsets with blissful effects. The machine does indeed, 'Mimic Human' with sexy emotion and no regrets…. Charming track with great summer vibes and mystic bleep solos, destined for the proper listener and DJ pros.

B3) Q.H. 1999

The party doesn't stop with Q.H. truly clever Funk-Hop for the mind, waiting to be unleashed since 1999.

Q.H. is a dreamy and funky track with classic golden era New York Hip-hop vocal lines, whilst free flowing synth tweaks and modulations create artful imagination. From the moment Q.H. is activated the atmosphere is just decorated with fx and chord melodies that flow freely like paintings of water colors, perfectly intertwined with sunny leads and moody basslines for the jazzy funk lovers.

Vocal lines flashback to the QB rhymes of mid 90s times, leaving the shook ones and posers far behind. All that flavor over lofi yet obese bass kicks and snares in a smooth modern funk rhythm that leaves no spares.

Indeed, let old school Hiphop and dreamy vibes elevate with Q.H. 1999 and its auras of saturated tape.


"Let's Come Together 1994-2020" is a fun and essential EP to add to your collection, especially if you're into old school vibes; It makes perfect sense with the Opia and Euphoric State taste in timeless techno selection and presentation. They are an intriguing label to watch for.

There is intriguing variety throughout EP, spanning a period of 26 years, through various unde rground electronic gears: Acid House, Bleep, and Garage auras are highlighted along with electric dreamy vibes of hiphop and funk that bumps...Good times are dynamic on this EP, for those who prefer both imagination and energy.