John Shima - Paris EP (Distrikt Paris)

John Shima - Paris EP (Distrikt Paris)

Review By: Matt Sever - Forthcoming on Distrikt Paris, John Shima brings us his Paris EP, four tracks of techno and electro.

I can’t better the description of his music that is on his Soundcloud - John Shima makes deep emotional futuristic techno, with an old skool spacey detroit groove. He uses analogue gear and modular synths; jams live and creates his tracks from there. He has a consistently high-quality back catalogue with 25 releases listed. He also creates music under the alias Isomorphic on more of an ambient tip and also as Fatal Tangent alongside Ame Weinberg. Both his back catalogue and music released under these two aliases are well worth checking out.

Distrikt Paris is a relatively new label, this release being the second. The first release was courtesy of Kosh, another great record. Their bandcamp is also worth a look with four digital only releases on there. Distrikt Paris have been a successful collective of Parisian Dj’s putting on events since 2015.

First up is Boutique. This is a four/four deep techno cut, the analogue bass folds in and out of the beat, crisp percussion, then deeper stabs overlay. Chords, synths and percussion help build and drop where necessary. Driving and deep.

Next is Glow, another deep techno excursion. This bounces from the off with the bassline rolling up and down, pads add emotion, and the percussion adds the energy and rhythm. John is an expert at adding elements without it sounding busy or overcrowded. This is the kind of track you could get lost in on a dancefloor – when we used to be able to!

The B side brings us Pressure. Techno at its finest. Driving mechanical electronic beat. Undulating analogue bass weaves its way around the track. Precise sharp percussion gives energy and rhythm. A hypnotic deep stab comes in that is just perfect. The track builds and drops perfectly throughout. This is simply epic, I absolutely love this track, favourite of the year so far.

The EP finishes with an electro cut. Deep atmospheric pads, electro beat, it has a weird almost underwater feel to me. Another expertly programmed track from the man Shima. A beautiful piece of electronic music and a fine way to round off a brilliant EP.