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Martin Matiske - Robotic Theatre EP (Moustache Records)

Martin Matiske - Robotic Theatre EP (Moustache Records)

Review: Roger Versey for Timeline Music UK

Martin Matiske returns on Moustache strong, with 4 Acts of Sci-fi Robot Funk Class, all laced with atmospheres of the future and the past….

Martin Matiske is a super talented artist who is into cultivating colorful plant gardens and imaginative Electronics. Seemingly, he has always had a distinct ear for creation through sonics, producing and arranging tracks since a very young age. He's had EPs and appearances on Fundamental Records' Eclectic Electrics Box, International Deejay Gigolos, and Stilleben Records and now Moustache is the next page.

Martin Matiske's latest EP Robotic Theatre, is his first after taking a break from releasing music for a few years, although he continued fine tune his passion of producing Electro dreams behind the scenes….this 4 track EP showcases Martin's recent work and fine capturing of classic frequencies with modern technology. It's an Electro EP at heart, but with various moods ranging from Dark and Spacey, to Mellow and Dramatic from the time it begins until the end. The cohesive value is strong, as they all have that saturated and warm machine charm.

Moustache Records is the host for this Electro minded persuasion, and they're a label with a strong and dynamic catalogue suitable for many Electronic occasions; this time, it's the Martin Matiske electro show. Here's the complete reflection on the listening introspection: B1) Transistor Dances

Confidently take your chances for RPG Adventure machine funk, with Transistor Dances.

This track opens side B of the EP in such a charismatic vitality; synths are lively with melody that travels through euphoric peaks and dramatic valleys, ever progressing the scene, smoothly and clean.

Italo Funk is the aroma of the bassline as it travels along the driving Techno hybrid rhythm that still has some Electro in mind. Likewise, additional drum layers are arranged very fine as the world of synth technofunk magic in this track unwinds.

Punchy, funky, and at times feeling like an orchestral piece with its melancholic valleys and dramatic peaks, Transistor Dances' delivers the force that is playing for keeps in these sort of lovely audio sports.

B2) Practise Practise takes a trip into retro flavored Synth Pop, with excellent arrangement and driving 808 kickdrum power nonstop. Vibes are mellow here with such a cool nerdy charm that wins, while the bassline will easily become your friend, from the courteous synth bass boom it lends.

Practise goes through an engaging range of peaks with colorful leads, warm organs, and crisp drum programming. It's a very cool track for the home relax or just jamming. Excellent texture on the sounds too.

Concluding Reflection: Martin Matiske has produced quite a fun and imaginative EP that shows off his talent and composing expertise; this is an essential Electro EP to own, to say the least. There are various shades of Detroit and Northern European Electro, all with that saturated, juicy texture that is true sci-fi frequency ear pleasure.Certainly makes one dream of lasers and starry Space as synths, lasers, and speak n spells sail the atmospheric airways with bass and great artist taste. Influences of synthpop and Italo can also be heard in a few of the driving bassline arpeggios.

Indeed as the EP title suggests, Robotic Theatre takes the stage in 4 clever Acts…. There's a lot of love about these 4 tracks, and it's great that Martin Matiske is back! Find your trusty dealer below to get this lovely wax from Moustache sent to your map and archived in your daily Electro record stash….Martin Matiske - Robotic Theatre EP, designed with passion to last.