Moot Booxle w/ Windy City - Transmootation EP (Spazzoid NYC)

Moot Booxle w/ Windy City - Transmootation EP (Spazzoid NYC)

Review by: Roger Versey for Timeline Music

James Reeno is a longtime purveyor of Funk, Boogie, and Electro operating the Spazzoid Records and its sub labels Kupcake, and NYC since the late 90s. In addition to curating his labels, he brings nearly 27 years of production, sound design, engineering, and remixing to the table. He remains prolific and dedicated with well over numerous vinyl+digital releases that stay true to the old school and timeless Electrofunk thesis. The latest offering from Spazzoid comes from the mysterious Moot Booxle.

The story is that these tracks started out as Jazz Funk jam sessions in his Florida home studio, maybe just for fun, however they blew the mind of Spazzoid Records, and received a special touch of percussion and drums from Windy City(Reeno), their main professor of sound design. Now it is pressed on wax as Moot Booxle' 'Transmootation' EP; 3 tracks with the dynamic power to make you funk, groove, bboy break, or relax. Here's the reflection on the selections:

A1) Transmootation:

Opening up the EP with a smooth scene like 1983, if you could place it in your imagination, is the title track Transmootation. Its a ten minute plus musical ride dedicated to the entire A side; with fine soulful chords and lush jazzfunk in its melody vibes. The 808 drum programming is just right with kicks and snares so sharp, crisp, clean; you can feel the raw machine amd why the 808 remains respected and by many, supreme

Tempo and mood is smoothly laid back, perfect between a time to groove or have a drink and relax. Those with the space in taste will love the vivid synth highs adding color to the atmospheric skies, while the saturated bassline is accented with warm transposes of synth bass. Starlit keys also transition into this musical mission with a successful promise to please and then there's the super proper percussion. Without a doubt 'Transmootation' is in that timeless track discussion.

B1 - Uno Mama:

Coming up next is the Bside opener, 'Uno Mama'. Here musicality is once again going for the win. The track itself is dynamic delight, blending lines of Cosmic Jazzfunk and early 80s House prototype, while the bassline brings a true mid 70s Latin flavored delight. There's also some true synth showcasing that the connoisseur of the classic machines will surely like. Kickdrums here have the smooth presence bouncing with snare layers, maraca percussion and clap delays, showing off the personality of an early House track.

From the moment this one begins, its easy to get lost in, and has musical atmosphere that brings to mind classic cool mood, lowriders, and beaded doorways as you let it play. 'Uno Mama' is just as suited for boogie grooving as it is for a nice cosmic aura getaway at the end of the day.

B2 - 'Galactic Matriarch'

'Galactic Matriarch' finishes off this class of 3 with the Motherfunkin power of cosmo disco. Its got a great use of open air for soaring synths and spacey fx to take levels next, while a juicy bassline dominates and keeps the groove in high respect. Kickdrum work is beefy and driven further by with accents of glassy hats and patient, well placed percussion as the synths continue to create quite a cosmic and bleepy discussion.

This track also brings the proto House flavor strong, with the classic Chicago personality in the drum texture and rhythm arrangement; although on shorter side compared to the rest of this EPs ride, it's straight to the point for the Saturday night entertainment.

Final Insights:

Moot Booxle and Windy City put together quite the cool and tasty EP with 'Transmootation', especially if jazzy and cosmic funk suits your imagination. In that same regard, the title track alone makes this one essential to grab without hesitation. 'Transmootation' hosts side A with the perfect mix of jazzy keys and melody over sharp 808 with that smooth late night tempo to cruise you to a soulful escape. Flip over to side B for the Proto House flavors and get into the West Coast Southern California style of 'Uno Mama' and 'Galactic Matriarch' for sunny vibes, cosmic synths; and deep hyrbrid rhythms of bouncey Funk and House melody, suitable for flashbacks to the vintage car rides at the park, or in the cool venues after dark. Percussion is ace in all 3, and Spazzoid is certainly a label to check.

'Transmootation' EP has an organic and electronic personality that will work well in your various sets; while Jazz and Funk admirers will feel its musical mission with great respect. Super Cool EP, and sure bet. You can find this on vinyl+digital, and more at and for UK/Europe on vinyl at Juno