Plant43 - Storm Control EP (Plant43004)

Plant43 - Storm Control EP (Plant43004)

Review By: Roger Versey - For Timeline Music ..

Emile Facey aka Plant43 returns on his promising new label imprint of the same name with a strong tale of 3 in his latest Storm Control EP…

Emile Facey holds much respect as a true sound professor in modern electro with ambient and atmospheric textures. His music can do damage in the club scene while often keeping musical focus on natural life and scientific themes when behind the machines as Plant43; the result has led to numerous projects and appearances on AC Records, Fundamental Records, Frustrated Funk, and CPU just to name a few. Plant43 Recordings is his exclusive label vision with an excellent display so far, including an ambient LP, and 2 EPs in this first year. 'Storm Control' EP will make entry number 4, and goes into fine deep electro selection ….Here is the reflection on his latest music journey 'Storm Control EP'

'Storm Control'

This EP arrives on a roll with 'Storm Control'; a track with deep moods, confident in a dark energy, yet romantic in the ways its leads and grey cloud pads create synergy. Detroit fans will love this track's stance, while the density of the simple yet so effective kick and snare electro rhythm beats with intensity. With all systems go, its a nice ear treat to hear the mystique filled chords that almost glow, complimenting the subterranean funk of the bassline below and ever clever changeups of arpeggios. This track is straight for the attack, and a lovely storm that takes the listener or DJ pro with this in mind, where they need to go.

'Hydraulic Machines'

Hydraulic Machines follows up the opening attack with Electro that is just as strong and effective, yet laid back. This one has a strong atmosphere with evening aura pads moving in smoothly like calm winds; Emotive and melodramatic in moods with colorful synth melodies and arpeggios taking the listen to higher altitudes. The rhythm is rich in a cyber saturation, with warm, subtle chirps and fx, and obese snares for more of a modern introspect; the beat perfectly holds with the hydraulic aura of pad layers and a patient bassline, while charming choir hums make welcome appearances in your mind. 'Hydraulic Machines' ….indeed proving these mysterious objects can have dreams and good times. Designed for the listener or DJ at the home or live frontlines.

'Sparks In The Grey Light'

Introspective ambience flows in 'Sparks In The Grey Light' , slower tempo Electro for the deep late nights. The track packs an emotional melody, with pads in lovely atmospheric layers to hear, while the bassline is pure computer funk for the streets. Likewise, the beat is pure head nodding heat, and perhaps may lure you into stop frame robotic movements with your feet. The kicks are super heavy, with that resonating bass for the place, whilst the snares take a cool arms folded b-boy stance, as this track envelopes the room with its confident yet patient glance. 'Sparks of Grey Light' is a dramatic track with that feel of end title credits, and moments of reflect...good for the dome, or a deeper set.

Final Insights: On 'Storm Control' Plant43 delivers an excellent EP with various moods coming together as a whole. Each track has its own great stand alone value as well, but when you play the EP through, there is no doubt a story it tells. It storms in with the dark and romantic skies of Storm Control, before embracing the emotional and washing atmospheric Electro of Hydraulic Machines, and ends with a provocative antidote for hope in the future scopes with 'Sparks of Grey Light'....indeed this EP done right. Essential for those who admire the sound of Plant43 and Electro painted with atmospheric quality. Out December 9, right on time for the winter nights and available for preorder directly from the website.