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Rob Belleville – Still Waters EP Fluid Electronics

Rob Belleville – Still Waters EP Fluid Electronics

Review by Tim Humphrey aka TIM aka errorsinspace

Overview: Rob Belleville has been making music for a little over 15 years now. Like many who grew up thru the 80's and 90's Rob was fascinated about the sounds around him and that led to being an extensive record collector but more than that, a would-be producer soaking up sounds to eventually create his own. Rob's release schedule has been consistent with quality instead of quantity always being the focus. With releases over the past decade with premier labels like aDepth, Matrix, Common Dreams and others, Rob now releases his latest called 'Still Waters EP' on Fluid Electronics

The Music: a1: Lush, positive and catchy are certainly things that come to my mind when I hear the first track 'Still Waters'. Consistent melodic swells pace the organic drum pattern through a maze of atmospheric beauty. As the melody rises and dips, the funk comes out a bit with a snare that keeps things grounded. Highly addictive, this is a feel good vibe of an upbeat deepness. Something that all parties can dance to and get lost in with many sounds to focus in on and enjoy here. My second favorite track on this EP.

a2: Next, Conforce lends his golden touch to remix the title track. A full-on techno monster that verges as if it's going into an acid techno realm. Fairly fast paced and full of energy and purpose. Techno stabs galore with a beat that stomps with aggressive resolve. The melodic swells are still there but everything has been dialed up quite a bit in a sci-fi way. A great alternate version that still harnesses the appeal of the original but brings it into the future if you will. Long time techno fans are no doubt going to be drawn to this one for its big sound.

b1: 'The Golden Hour' is a poignant upbeat techno song that basks in the 1990's techno sound. A fun vibe that is sure to please anyone who listens as it embodies all that's good in techno. It reminds me a bit of mid-90's Dave Angel or Envoy type track with his snare and percussion work which combines with a growling bassline that moves thru it nicely reminiscent of Slam. Rob nails the ups and downs thru the track giving everything enough space to have his signature melodics be over-arching standout portion of the track. A solid B-side and a complete feel good one.

b2: "Lost from View" completes the EP with the most laid-back groove of the four. A nicely built tech rhythm moves swiftly thru while the wonderful sounding piano leads to a more house feel than the other three tracks. With multiple plays the addictive quality of this song shows more and more. This completes the release for me and is choice cut for me personally. A beauty

Synapse: This is a strong EP no doubt. It's ability to be futuristic and retro is always a great sign of a producer that is not only a fan of the music but is in tune with what is timeless in this style of techno. All four tracks are in the upper-tier of this genre. With an excellent main track, solid remix and two worth B-sides you have the confidence this won't be collecting any dust in your record bins. Rob is certainly setting himself up with this release in 2020 to be one to watch in the coming years.

Rating: 81/100 The Details: Artist: Rob Belleville Title: Still Waters Label: Fluid Electronics Format: Vinyl / Digital Released: Sept 18th, 2020 Mastered: Love Over Entropy Artwork: Graphic Surgery Distribution: Triple Vision