Ruskin & Broom - Basement Jams

Ruskin & Broom - Basement Jams (Blueprint)

Forthcoming on Blueprint, and the labels final release for the year, head honcho James Ruskin joins forces with long term collaborator and techno legend in his own right, Mark Broom. They present an awesome four track EP – Basement Jams.

Blueprint is a label that needs little introduction for most people into techno. Started by James Ruskin and Richard Polson in 1996 they have been one of the most consistent and prolific labels out there. Constantly churning out high quality music from beginning to the present day. A definite ‘buy on site’ label in my book.

Like the label, Ruskin and Broom are embedded into the techno scene as much as the label. Both have been involved in the scene from very early on as music lovers, DJ’s, producers, labels, and events. Both London born, James first caught the bug via the hip hop and electro scene, then the emerging Detroit scenes, this led him to become a DJ in ’91, getting into production in ’94 and starting Blueprint in ’96, since then he has curated one of the top techno labels in the world, as well as DJing worldwide.

Mark got the bug in ’89 after a summer in Tenerife, he heard the sounds of Chicago and Acid house and immediately got turntables and mixer on his return to London. Since then the word prolific really can be used with him, a relentless release of productions, remixes and collaborations over the years, all top-quality electronic music. Both are highly respected in the scene and deservedly so. The last Ruskin and Broom EP was Domwen about 2 years ago. They also join forces on a more experimental project called The Fear Ratio, which is well worth checking out, their third album came out in March on Skam.

A1 starts with PR1. No nonsense straight four / four techno cut. Heavy kick, muffled deep rolling bassline, almost jazzy riff, rides, claps, hats, energy and drive throughout.

A2 is titled OCS, four to the floor, stomping kick, undulating, rhythmic, constantly morphing acidic groove dancing around the beat, sporadic sweeping sounds, perfectly executed, tight, mechanical percussion.

The first track on the B side is TKN. This track is still four / four but has a shuffle double beat in there that gives this real funk. Manic synth lines morph and are joined by jittering stabs. This is hypnotic, groove laden dancefloor techno at its finest. Subtle changes and expert programming throughout. This track disorients in a delightful way and then snaps you back to the groove.

The final track of the EP – SN7. Straight four / four techno cut. Right out the gate we have a constantly evolving acid line weaving in and out of the beat, tough percussion changes quickly, an occasional stab adds a bit of electronic funk.

All in all, this is a solid quality techno release. Four dancefloor cuts, all playable as stand alone and all amazing for mixing with too. I would not and did not expect anything less from Blueprint or from Ruskin & Broom. Their many years of combined experience producing and DJing really shines through in this release.