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Sensory Slam

Sensory Slam

Sensory Slam Fortnightly Thursday's ,8pm-10pm

Fortnightly AV Techno podcast streaming live on Timeline Music channel every other Thursday at 8pm.

Showcasing live studio mixes and audio and visual guest mixes sought from the artists often criminally overlooked. Timeline Music is an independant platform and thus music is not regulated/blocked like on social media/video sites.

The unfashionable layers of Techno is where we delve. Where pure passion and love of Techno creativity and nothing else, exists and thus thrives with unadulterated electronica and imagination. This is where the we feel, infact know, there's an abundance of gold. Presented in realtime visuals, we strive to reach further than an average audio podcast, offering the listener an extra sensory hit to accompany the music art.