Various Artists - We're Going Deep EP 001

Various Artists - We're Going Deep EP 001

Overview: Placid aka Paul Wise has been a long-time champion of acid house and the deeper side of dance music. A respected reputation built up on his djing, encyclopedia-like knowledge of music and his visibility in the scene on social media and various other media platform's.

Now, Placid is using his connections and talent finding great music in the form of creating his own record label. Many people know We're Going Deep from the forum on Facebook. Now, we have the label of the same name making its debut with four accomplished artists lending a song each. A variety of visions and backgrounds are featured here that fit the background of Placid and his own musical journey. Tin Man, Derek Carr, Posthuman and Dircsen all one compilation here.

The Music:

a1: The ever-talented and one of the top acid masters in the last decade starts off the A side. Tin Man and "Jerkin Acid'. This is sure to get the head rocking and body moving. The use of acid is creative and addictive. It has the slight changes and depth to where it nothing gets stale and it adds not detracts. Often in acid tracks I get a bit tired of the acid line. Not here. This acid line breaths and lives and it's got a great personality. It supports and leads at the same time. That balance that purists look for I would imagine. The beat sounds all 808 in its glory with the toms and hi-hats. Simple and effective. This is how acid should be in 2020. A 303 gem. Producers, take notice how to make a proper jackin beat. 5/5

a2: Derek Carr's 'Highlander' is next up. A big sounding track that builds along a shuffle 4/4 beat and a signature bassline. Derek Carr is known for brilliant melodies in my opinion and here is no exception. A bit more upbeat than his usual I feel, this one is sure to get stamped deep in your memory. Derek continues to separate himself away from the pack with this brand of techno. You might know the formula but he always seems to make it more memorable than the next. I might be a little hard on judging his music as I have so much of it. This may be a 5/5 for some depending on your tastes but I have this as a 4/5 compared to his standouts over the years. Just a personal preference. Detroitesque in all its glory though.

b1: Posthuman's 'Going Deep' title says it all on the direction of the record. This sounds like a very UK record to me with a nod to Balearic with the melody. Sounding very 1991 when techno was on the cusp ala early Warp label. Before their IDM reign. Pure nostalgia here. The pace of this one is really key here. Pure magic to me. Reminds me of when I was a kid drudging through all these hardcore records trying to find some personality and meaning in techno music. And here you find it. A timeless track you know in 30 years will just as good as when you first heard it. Cheers to Posthuman for bringing back such great vibes with this one. I'm going to rack my brain on thinking exactly who this reminds me of. It's on the tip of my brain too! It will come to me eventually. Maybe a UMM type track or Vibraphone. You tell me what you think. 5/5

b2: Dircsen and 'Last Spare' is the final track on the very first We're Going Deep EP. The most downtempo track of the lot only because the BPM is slower. A moody acid love jam that ends the EP on the smoothest of notes. This B-side has so much nostalgia to it. I would imagine if you wanted to speed this up a bit on your pitch you could also do that with great success. This track rides that sweet spot as the acid line and melody lulls you to a peacefull heady place. A most successful ending to this record. 5/5


: This feels like a true compilation. Enough depth on here makes it feel like a 2x12 worth of music. You have dancefloor attention in Tin Man and main stage Detroit recognition in the Derek Carr one. Then the B-side gives you some true examples of the history of the techno and what the influence of the roots of the genre can provide today. There is a great feeling of pride in techno being presented with this EP. And the versatility shows. A credit to the selection of artists, their work and Placid's vision for making such a well-balanced EP. When I asked Paul, what was the goal of the label was, he was to the point with saying that it's for the dancefloor and for the headphones. And that makes sense knowing Placid back from his DJ sets on Discogs in the early 00's. Placid knows how to get people to dance and with his 30+ years of experience in dance music. I would expect his label to be all killer and no filler. He succeeded in having a record equally meet the dancefloor and the headphones with the flip of the record.

Rating 86/100 - review by Tim Humphrey aka TIM aka errorsinspace The Details: Artist: Various Artists (Tin Man, Derek Carr, Posthuman, Dircsen) Title: We're Going Deep EP Label: We're Going Deep Format: Vinyl Catalog #:WGD001 Released: Nov 30,2020 Distribution by Subwax Mastered: Artwork: